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We link Households to Waste Service Providers

You will be able to schedule your waste pick up for your recycled waste, solid waste, sewage waste, bulk waste and trade waste through a value chain created in our EcoSystem. We enable direct communication with your Waste Service Provider, let you pay for your Waste Services via our App and channel complaints about your Service Provider to the authorities while adding efficiency to customer service in the waste sector.

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Our Core Values

Act Green, Get Rewards is our motto. We believe that  rewarding tangible green actions, can make a difference in changing behaviour.  Thats why we are creating  an incentivised platform that brings together EcoPartners and consumers on a large scale.   

Our EcoPoints could be redeemed for example in airtime, discounts at select EcoPartners and other products still be brought together. 

Our primary goal is to encourage people across all sections of society to participate in a revolution that is necessary to safeguard Africa’s future through conscious consumerism. 

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You learn and share useful Green Tips

We provide you with information on how to recycle your waste, updates on useful tips that will be applicable for you in your neighbourhood. You  can collect more points when you pass the monthly quiz on waste management. Our platform also gives you the opportunity to share useful tips with your peers and community members, and you also get rewarded on how useful the tip is to the EcoRewards Community.

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Meet the Team

Venan Sondo

Chief Technical Advisor for EcoRewards. Venan is a Sustainability and Climate Change Executive with over 14 years of professional experience across Europe and, Africa. He headed the Sustainability & Climate Change Practice for PricewaterhoseCoopers Ghana leading a team of consultants that developed the Sustainable Banking Principles in Ghana. 

He consults for Envirofit International, as Business Development Director driving operations for SmartGas in West Africa.

He is Leader of CHAiNT Afrique, a Change, Innovation and Transformation Hub, a Sustainability Services Startup that helps Governments, CSO and Businesses integrate environmental, social & governance aspects into their business operations. 

Evelyn Agyekum

Evelyn is Managing Partner of CHAiNT Afrique and Project Manager for EcoRewards. She has 5 years of experience in sustainability and climate change issues with profound interest in current environmental, social and sustainability trends with an experience in socio-economic development, sustainable banking initiatives, renewable energy policies and women empowerment. 

She holds an MPhil in Climate Change and Sustainable Development. 

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