We Re-imagine Sustainability


EcoRewards Africa is an initiative Powered by CHAiNT Afrique, a Change, Innovation & Transformation Hub. 

At CHAiNT Afrique we Re-Imagine Sustainability. We help Governments, private sector and NGOs maximise their sustainability potential through strategic and relevant interventions that improve on their long term operational and financial performance. 

We support organisations through their growth process, focusing on innovating through the eco-efficiency lens while taking other related environmental, social and governance parameters into consideration. 

We add value to businesses

 We believe that a holistic but simplistic approach to addressing key ESG imperatives helps identify intrinsically linked challenges and further unlocks inherent opportunities in ESG, thereby maximizing return in sustainability investments. Understanding that access to finance is a key barrier to the offtake of ESG, we pride ourselves as the first Sustainability Services Company in the Region that takes into account the whole supply chain. We collaborate with key partners locally and internationally to unlock barriers to access to finance for those initiatives we identify locally. We will be successful when our stakeholders see value in improved performance. We get rewarded when we demonstrate returns in ESG and overall improvement in business performance through diverse interventions material to the organization.